Thursday, May 27, 2010

Newest Issue of The Commonwealth Is Here! Science, Presidential Controversy, & More

The Commonwealth, the members' magazine of The Commonwealth Club of California, has just released its June/July 2010 issue, and you can see the cool cover image below. Below that is the complete contents listing, so you know what to expect when the magazine arrives in your mailbox in a day or two.

The cover image is a rather dystopic vision of radical climate change, and it illustrates an article from a panel discussion about some controversial alternative approaches for dealing with the global issue. Geoengineering has drawn vociferous opposition from many environmentalists and climate-change activists. What exactly is it? Is it a solution or a diversion? Read the cover story and find out.

From Commonwealth Club of California

The contents:

An expert panel examines this controversial option
Game Changers
Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on the 2008 election
The Science of Liberty
Timothy Ferris connects science and individual liberty
Searching for Our Neighbors
SETI’s Jill Tarter explores
Presidential Authority
John Yoo on flexible power
Restoring the Constitutional Presidency
Garry Wills chronicles the national security state’s growth
The FDA Commissioner Speaks
Margaret Hamburg’s mission
Plans for California
Candidate Steve Poizner’s ideas

Editor’s Note
Public Science to the Rescue?
The Commons
A new Silicon Valley office; visiting wine country; Joseph Stiglitz on the Freefall
Climate One
Idle Capital
Annual Report
Highlights of your Club
InSight by Dr. Gloria C. Duffy
Shoulder Season in McCloud

Program Information
Eight Weeks Calendar
(Events from May 30 to July 24, 2010)
Programs by Region
Program Listings
Late-breaking Events
Language Classes

Don't miss this issue!


TwitterLA said...

As a born & raised Californian, listening to Meg Whitman's pronounciation of California is utterly offensive. We are NOT Virgin-ya!

Found this Tom McClintock ad to share endorsing Mr. Poizner, as a Republican I'll be voting with Steve!

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