Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inforum's "Rise of the Graphic Novel" Panel

 Graphic novels have been earning fans and even intellectual respect at least since Art Spiegelman's groundbreaking Holocaust retelling in the 1980s, Maus. Over the years, we've gotten Persepolis, Fun Home, Watchmen, Berlin, and much more. Today, there's an exciting new generation of comics creators working in the graphic novel format.

Learn the connection between Gene Yang's dating life and comics in this May 11, 2010, panel discussion by The Commonwealth Club's Inforum division. Taking part in the panel are Yang, the creator of American Born Chinese; Andy Hartzell, creator of Fox Bunny Funny; Lark Pien, creator of Long Tail Kitty, and colorist of American Born Chinese; Dash Shaw, creator of Body World and Bottomless Belly Button; and Summerlea Kashar, acting director of the Cartoon Art Museum.


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