Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is China the Next Bubble?

The financial press is taking its eyes off the Google-vs.-China story long enough to pay attention to a growing worry in some quarters that the economy of the People's Republic of China could be the next bubble to burst.

Economist and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich expressed such a concern in his January speech to The Commonwealth Club of California. In his Bank of America-Walter E. Hoadley Economic Forecast, Reich suggested that commodities and China's economy were two possible bubbles, despite the relatively good management of the Chinese economy in these turbulent times.  Watch the video excerpt below for more from Reich.

Now, two months after Reich's speech, the possibility of a burst China bubble are all over the news. We've collected some news links here for you: "'Short the China Bubble' Trend Is Spreading"
National Post (Canada): "China's Financial Bubble Ready to Pop"
Business Week: "China Stocks Fall Most in Two Weeks on Rising Trade Tensions"
Business Insider: "Citi: If You Thought China Was in a Bubble, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet"
Financial Times: "Is China Blowing Bubbles?"
HargreavesLansdown (UK financial advisors): "A Bubble in China?"

Or watch our video of recent Commonwealth Club program "China: Great Power Interrupted."


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