Friday, March 12, 2010

How Has NATO Changed? How Must It Change?

Commonwealth Club President/CEO Dr. Gloria Duffy recently moderated a panel discussion of three ambassadors to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to discuss the challenges and future of this organization. NATO, founded originally to contain the Soviet Union and protect Western Europe, has grown in membership in the past two decades since the end of the USSR and is currently engaged in its first out-of-Europe activity with its mission in Afghanistan.

Joining Dr. Duffy were ambassadors Ivo Daalder, Stefano Stefanini, and Per Poulsen-Hansen for the February 25, 2010, program, which was held at The Commonwealth Club's headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Watch the video above of their discussion, and check out photos from the event below (click on the link beneath the photo).

From NATO Ambassadors 2/25/10


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