Thursday, October 9, 2008

Valley Girl's Lifestyles of the Rich and Tech-ish

If you thought video interviews with technology experts are a sleep-inducing exercise in endurance, you might want to meet the Valley Girl -- better known as Jesse Draper. Draper is the daughter of venture capitalist Timothy Draper (of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and a member of The Commonwealth Club's Board of Governors). Jesse Draper's Valley Girl -- as in Silicon Valley, not San Fernando -- interviews various Valley bigwigs such as Eric Schmidt (Google's CEO and a recent Club speaker), Steve Jurvetsons, Scott McNealy, Ron Conway, and many more.

With Ms. Draper in full Valley Girl mode, the video interviews are short, fun and VERY pink. See what we mean. (Lower-resolution videos, such as the one embedded above, are available on her YouTube page.)


oona said...

hilarious! what a fun show.

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