Friday, October 31, 2008

The Global Election?

The front cover of the new issue of the British libertarian news magazine, The Economist, features a stark shot of Barack Obama under the words, "It's time." Inside is an endorsement.

It's only the latest in an avalanche of endorsements of both major candidates; it is, after all, the waning days of the seemingly never-ending presidential election. But this election and the endorsements reflect something new, in terms of a global interest in the U.S. presidential election that experts say is far higher than normal levels of interest.

Our friends over at CBS 5 have posted an interesting new report on this global election, and it's worth checking out. Columinist Frank Viviano (photo above) writes about this extraordinary interest, and notes that international polls "confirm an astounding level of overseas support – exceeding 70 percent in most nations – invested in Barack Obama, crossing all lines of race, ethnicity, history, religion and ideology."

Read more here.

Commonwealth Club members recently got a taste of international opinion about the United States when Steven Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, spoke at The Club. Despite all of the talk lately about how America's reputation has suffered in the world, he found that majorities in every country surveyed did not see the United States as an enemy and did not expect a confrontation with it.

Will Americans agree with the international verdict in this election or will they go their own way? Find out on Tuesday ...


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