Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Condoleezza Rice Photo Slideshow, 10-18-10 at The Commonwealth Club

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco yesterday, speaking about her new book Extraordinary Ordinary People. Photos by Ed Ritger.


Anonymous said...

As always I was taken by the strength of this woman. I am liberal yet I pray for her return to the world stage. I also hope that the color issues (as race is a category that does not exist in reality) disappear soon. Ones heritage does not interfere in all places and it needs be a treasure not a complication. This woman will be remembered for the unique contributions she alone accumulated.

Anonymous said...

The mediocrity of Ms. Rice's intellect was on display and appalling.

Her assessment of US relations with Iran was boiler-plate, and for one so thoroughly connected to Presbyterian clergy, totally lacking in any sense of morality. By what measure of morality -- let alone rational statecraft -- is it good practice to attempt to destroy a nation-state economically in order to force it to cease doing that which it has a legitimate right to do -- enrich uranium?

Rice maintains the Disneyland view of Israel. Young American Jews and more and more non-Jewish Americans are discovering the racist, pre-genocidal state Israel has become.

Wake up, Condi. The plane has landed and you are in Realityland.

Anonymous said...

I thought her very inspirational. These accusations of Dr Rice lacking intellect are laughable coming from anonymous. She is an accomplished musician, provost for a Stanford University, former head of the NSA, and former Secretary of State. Anonymous you can challenge her positions on foreign policy, but seriously, who are you to question her intellect?
Where is the podcast for this event? I can't find it anywhere...

John Z. said...

Re: Podcast

It's not yet available on The Club's podcast system, but it will be soon.
In the meantime, you can watch the entire video of Dr. Rice's event here:

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