Monday, September 21, 2009

Director Michael Moore Discusses His "Love Story" at The Commonwealth Club

Michael Moore addresses a Commonwealth Club InForum crowd Thursday, September 17, 2009. (Photo by Camille Koue.)

In a surprise event that nevertheless managed to draw standing-room-only crowds, media attention and a flurry of Flickr activity, film director Michael Moore appeared at the Commonwealth Club for an InForum interview with Live from the Left Coast's Angie Coiro on Thursday evening.

The interview followed an advance screening of Moore's new documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, at San Francisco's Metreon cineplex. Without divulging too much here (find out more on Moore's web site), the film is every inch the provocative, fractious and ofttimes humorous work that audiences have come to expect from the filmmaker-- or are we reading too much into this? As Moore shared with a full house at the Commonwealth Club following the screening, "It is a love story. It's about the wealthy who love their money. Except, the movie has a twist -- they not only love their money, they love our money, too. And they want all of it."

Over the next hour, Moore and Corio's discussion ranged over his more bloodthirsty critics, why he's calling on Barack Obama to fill FDR's shoes, what it really means to be called "liberal-minded," and how we're putting our own newspapers out of business.

The full discussion will soon be available on The Commonwealth Club's YouTube page, where you can find all of The Club's past speakers and future events online. Meanwhile, Capitalism: A Love Story hits theaters on October 2.

--By Andrew Harrison


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