Monday, July 6, 2009

Dambisa Moyo: Replace Victims with Partners

Economist Dambisa Moyo has become a controversial figure in the multi-billion dollar industry of foreign (mostly Western) aid to Africa. She proposes evolving the system from open-ended dumping of dollars on African governments to a system of investment that stimulates African businesses and helps them build trading relationships with other countries, in particular, China.

Moyo discussed her thesis in a June 5, 2009, program at The Commonwealth Club of California. In it, she noted that she has drawn a lot of harsh criticism from people accusing her of favoring dire consequences for the continent. Moyo, who is Zambian, framed her solution in terms of forcing African countries to live up to their responsibilities to provide basic services and opportunities to their peoples, and to seeing Africans as something more than victims unable to provide for their own future.

You can read a long excerpt from Moyo's presentation in the cover story of the September issue of The Commonwealth magazine, which is mailed free to members of The Commonwealth Club. Or you can listen to the entire program from our audio archives.

Just this past weekend, Moyo was a guest on Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN's world-affairs program, where she traded opinions with another guest on the most effective plans for African development. See the embedded video below:


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