Monday, February 9, 2009

Miller's 'Provocative Antidote' for America's Ills

Matt Miller begins every edition of the popular syndicated radio show, Left, Right and Center, by describing the debate format as "your civilized yet provocative antidote to the screaming talking heads that dominate political debate."

Listeners to the program can recite the mantra verbatim, even hearing Miller's distinctive voice. Miller himself is more than just a radio host, though. A regular contributor to Fortune and author of the Two Percent Doctrine and the recently published The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, Miller has created a book lavished with many ideas he calls "paradoxical" today but not in the future. He focused on six points in the book challenging ideas dear to the American experience, such as upward mobility and economic theories like free trade that are currently in fashion. Here's an outline of his talking points:
  • Our kids will earn more than we do
  • Free trade is always good, no matter who gets hurt
  • Employers should be responsible for health coverage
  • Taxes hurt the economy
  • Schools are a local matter
  • Money follows merit
In promoting the book, Miller faced an overly exuberant Stephen Colbert (even for Colbert). At one point, Miller described himself as a "radical centrist," for which Colbert mocked him crudely. See it for yourself:

Aside from the comedy, Miller presents his thesis in more depth during this clip from the Center for American Progress with New York Times columnist David Brooks.

You can see and hear him for yourself: Matt Miller will discuss The Tyranny of Bad Ideas this Wednesday at noon at The Commonwealth Club of California. For more information, visit The Commonwealth Club of California.
--by Steven Tavares


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