Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Complete Alec Baldwin

Here, thanks to our video partners over at, the C-SPAN of the internet, is a full recording of the appearance at The Commonwealth Club this past Monday by actor/author Alec Baldwin.


Rachel AB said...

I was appalled to learn that the Commonwealth Club gave Alec Baldwin an opportunity to spread the sexist and unscientific theories that are thinly veiled behind a scientific sounding Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). As a single mother who has been falsely accused by my ex-husband of alienating our son from him, I have done some rudimentary research on what is known about PAS. This research discredits PAS and should have prevented the Commonwealth Club from hosting Baldwin and publishing his speech in the Club magazine. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for PAS ( this opens a Word document). It is a "theory" developed by one person who never did any scientific studies about it (APA statement). It is being used by the father's rights movement to harass mothers and endanger children. This movement has cost at least one boy's life. I can tell tons about the ineffectiveness of the family court system. It needs serious reform. But PAS is not the problem that the father's rights movement is making it to be (for example, 1.3% of cases of alleged child abuse turn out to be false, for example). By inviting Baldwin, you inadvertently gave PAS the credibility it does not deserve.

I know that the Club hosts controversial people. Baldwin's stance is certainly controversial but, in my opinion, does not belong in a forum, such as yours, that tries to lend itself to "impartial discussion." He is not impartial. Nor is the way you are presenting him - at least in the magazine - encouraging a discussion.

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